Monday, February 14, 2011

Ah Pak arghh!!

Ah Pak Ah Pak arghh
where are you now ah?

i very sienz recently leh

long time din chat with you leh

gonna miss u so much leh

sms ASAP when you see this!!!
if not i gonna upload your photo AGAIN ga!!

P/s: Ah Pak~ zon loi lo~ your ah gu ah shem is waiting for you ah~

P/s: don't always so guei guei xu xu stalk me la!!

6 想什么丫:

lalalala said...

nei jek ah po ~ wat stalk u -.-'' I'm not an evil stanger ~ wuhuhu ~ ish y sms :P
comment here better ^^ save cost save phone energy ^^ We must be green to our earth XD

孤寂の木俞竹均 said...

green to earth? dun use hp lo dn...lagi green a....ishh ishh ishh

lolololo said...

haha ish wat jek XD no use HP yao ng tak wor ~~ haha ~ so hw r u ? fat liao ? hahaha or still the same old u ^^

孤寂の木俞竹均 said...

walileh...y say no good things ga u..i still skinny like F6 lo..old ur head a..i still young..haha
u leh?look older?kolian lo...hahaa
P/s: my valentine's present leh,ah pak? =p

hahaha said...

ahaha u alrdy enjoy it ~ ur chocolate ma XD haha i'm not look older ok? I'm mature ^^ wakaka
P/s: where's my present den, ah po =p

孤寂の木俞竹均 said...

u gv me i gv u

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